Our Cornflakes Mix is a real crowd-pleaser. Its tantalizing taste will keep you coming for more. A combination of gram flour, peanuts, and cornflakes, with a mix of aromatic spices, you can enjoy this while travelling, on picnics and even your evening tea.
This is a tasty and crunchy snack is perfect to serve to guests and is a must-have Diwali hamper snack. A little sweet, a little salty, and a little spicy - this one is a favourite of kids and elders alike.
Light and airy, this snacks has heaps of crispy cornflakes fried to perfection to give you the satisfaction your tastebuds yearn.

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Edible Oil, Ajwain, Sugar, Corn Flakes, Peanuts, Citric Acid, Spices & Condiments.

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Disclaimer: Images are for reference purpose only and JMB reserved the rights for product packaging/size/name change without prior notice.

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