From the bylanes of Agra, this sev has travelled the world with the tourists who come to the city. While they are enthralled by the Taj Mahal, this feeki sev accompanies all their meals. Our Agra Feeki Sev is always handy for those who just cannot live without namkeen in their life! Also a great option for children and anyone who does not like spicy food, this is a healthy and protein-filled choice for introducing children to the world of namkeen and savoury snacks! It is generously added to Indian street foods and snacks like chaat, dahi puri, dhokla, and even sandwiches to give them the much-loved crunch without interfering with the taste.

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Edible Oil & Salt.

Shelf Life: 60 Days

Disclaimer: Images are for reference purpose only and JMB reserved the rights for product packaging/size/name change without prior notice.

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